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CHAPTER 1 – PROFESSIONAL SELLING True/False Questions 1. The marketing concept is a business philosophy that says the customers' want-satisfaction is the economic and social justification for a firm's existence. Answer: 2. When Adam sells a country club membership, he is selling a product. Answer: 3. Selling and marketing are not synonymous. Answer: 4. Most people do not think salespeople are honest or ethical. Answer: 5. The Golden Rule of Personal Selling describes the willingness to plan and execute product, price, distribution, and promotion plans so as to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. Answer: 6. Everybody sells. Answer: 7. One of the reasons to choose a sales career is the wide variety of sales jobs available. Answer: 8. The categorization of sales jobs in the text is useful to college students because it allows them to communicate (by category number) more precisely what kind of employment opportunity they seek. Answer: 9. Retail salespeople must maintain contacts at all levels of the client organization. Answer:
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10. A telemarketer is an example of a direct seller. Answer: 11. A wholesale salesperson would sell designer clothing to a department store, which would resell the items to individual customers. Answer: 39.Which of the following statements about the importance of salespeople and selling is true? A) Salespeople are responsible for the success of new products, but have little to do with keeping existing products in the marketplace. B) Salespeople are responsible for keeping existing products in the marketplace, but
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bm264_ch01 - CHAPTER 1 PROFESSIONAL SELLING True/False...

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