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CHAPTER 2 – PROFESSIONAL SELLING True/False Questions 1. Most people agree on which actions a business should take to improve society's welfare. Answer: 2. Social responsibility is defined as management's obligation to make choices and take actions that contribute to the welfare and interests of society as well as that of the organization. Answer: 3. Stakeholder is a term used to describe groups inside the organization who have a stake in its performance, while stockholder is a term used to describe groups outside the firm who have an interest in its performance. Answer: 4. Businesses do have a responsibility to make a profit in order to serve society. Answer: 5. If it's not illegal, it must be socially responsible. Answer: 6. Ethical responsibility defines what society deems important with respect to appropriate corporate behavior. Answer: 7. Self-actualizing responsibility is the highest criterion of social responsibility. Answer: 8. Simply put, morals refer to people's adherence to right or wrong behavior and right or wrong thinking. Answer:
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The text suggests that an inappropriate way for sales managers to convey their feelings about ethical behavior by members of the sales force is the "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil" approach. Answer: 10. The key to understanding the Golden Rule of Professional Selling is to realize that it does not involve reciprocity. Answer: 48.The two major influences on the ethical behavior of sales personnel are other employees and: A) past work experiences B) the organization itself C) the geographical location of the company D) their competitors E) their customers Answer: 49. On the job, Owen acts purely in his own best interest. He follows the company's rules because if he doesn't he may be fired. At what level of moral development is Owen functioning? A) principled B) consensual C) conventional D) discretionary E) preconventional Answer: 50. In Turkey, a salesperson wants to sell a block of 75 symphony tickets to an Armenian senior citizen center to hand out to its members. If he can sell these remaining tickets, he will receive a $500 bonus. When the center director asks him if there will be adequate security at the event, The Turk assures her the arena has doubled its security force for the event even though no special security arrangements have been made in spite of recent threats made against Armenians. The Turkish salesperson is most likely functioning at the _____ stage of moral development. A) postconventional
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bm264_ch02 - CHAPTER 2 PROFESSIONAL SELLING True/False...

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