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Case Study - Diversity - how females were left out of some...

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Case Study – Diversity Competency 1. A few aspects of active listening suggested in Susan’s blog are the fact that PwC is really focused on specific events that trained the employees to understand more about nonverbal communication in the workplace. According to Susan, it was their most successful event. In the UPE initiative, you can see suggestions of active listening when they talk about the importance of understanding each of their employees’ different needs. Instead of holding events, the assign people (like the buddy system) to one another in attempt to get to know each other. They also changed their work model to a teams based approach; I would think working as a team would greatly improve listening skills. 2. Constructive feedback would fall along the same lines as listening. In Susan’s blog, she talks about
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Unformatted text preview: how females were left out of some events. This change is more than likely as result of the company responding to others suggestions for a more diverse working group. In the initiative, it speaks mainly about diversity and teamwork. In the second component, while working in teams, employees are able to actively communicate and provide one another with the appropriate, constructive feedback. 3. Appropriate self-disclosure is mainly discussed in the initiative in the first component. The company suggests self-disclosure when they assign partners to one another to get their employees more comfortable with each other. 4. Susans blog is great at showing how to avoid interpersonal and cultural barriers. Through several team building events, employees learn how to read their co-workers better and work together as a team....
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