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Personal Information - Assignment #3: Personal Information...

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Assignment #3: Personal Information 1. Yes, I believe Canada needs a federal privacy commisioner because it has proven thus far to be a very effective position in terms of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). In most provinces the commissioner has no legal authority to enforce compliance with the act, however in Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta they do have this authority. Although they are accorded this legal authority in these provinces, the commissioner from British Columbia has stated that “In the three years, just about, that PIPA has been in force, I’ve issued seven binding orders under PIPA.”(Wappel, 2007). PIPA is the equivalent of the PIPEDA but it grants order making privileges to its commissioners in certain cases. Some may argue that the absence of being able to make a decision legally binding between two parties renders the commissioner useless and therefore not needed. However even commissioners with that privilege do not use it often which shows that the commissioner is still effective without it. Also I believe the commissioner is needed because they are an
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Personal Information - Assignment #3: Personal Information...

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