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Marketing Strategy - Marketing Strategy The Current Online...

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Marketing Strategy : The Current Online Presence Beyond the pilot program previously discussed through this report, Athletes World has never operated a full-functioning website on a permanent basis. Although Athletes World does own the domain name, , the website is currently non-operational as indicated by a message proclaiming that a “better site” is on its way. Although the strategy behind this message is to instil a positive outlook into the minds of the customers, the website ultimately fails in this mission. While the website does offer the listings of all available offline stores, this information does not adequately satisfy the needs and wants of the targeted customer base. As a result of there being no available method of contact between the user and the firm, all customer service inquires remain unanswered. Upon finding the site to be under construction, Infusion believes that many loyal customers may decide to shift their preferences and purchase the competitors’ offerings. Marketing Strategy: The Future Online Presence Infusion believes that the focus of Athletes World’s online website should be to build a strong community based system for all internet customers. This objective can be accomplished by creating two sections within the website: Section #1: A Customer Service Platform The first section to be added to the website will be devoted specifically to the handling of all customer service inquiries. This will give the customer a direct channel of communication between the user and the organization. The section will give the user a forum in which to ask any questions concerning products, services, or the website itself. This feature
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should create a level of trust between the firm and the customers and should translate into stronger relationships. This forum will be checked on a regular basis by customer service representatives in order to provide quick, reliable feedback. Section #2: A User-to-User Platform The second section to be implemented will allow users a chance to communicate amongst themselves. Infusion proposes that this section be named “The Feedback Forum.” This will give all users a medium in which to write reviews on products and discuss the latest product news, all while facilitating an effective online community. In accordance with “The Feedback Forum”, Infusion suggests the implementation of an online auction called “The Athletes World Auction.” This feature will allow individual users to post their own items and have other users bid on the final price. This online auction will encourage more customers to visit the website on a regular basis and should translate into increased sales for Athletes World. These sections are only two of the ways in which an online website will increase the
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Marketing Strategy - Marketing Strategy The Current Online...

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