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What is Social Networking? When you come to think of it, many of us are involved in various social networks in society all because we have different characteristics. In order to fully belong to a social network one must have similar characteristic or goals like the other participants of an online social community. This is the key element in a social network; it builds friendship and familiarity with one another and stems from the similarity in individuals to become a solid community. In business, having a social network is the key to success because knowing the right person to attain advice or money will make people accomplish goals faster and smoother. So considering the reach of the internet it was not surprising to see the concept of social networking take off. One of the first successful social networking sites was ("In Search of", 2003). This site is solely based on the foundation that it provides a place for people to reunite and connect with classmates as far back as kindergarten just for a low subscription fee. Eventually with most of the revenues coming from advertising, it offered free registration to improve its community base. With the success of, numerous of websites began popping up based in the late 90’s and early 2000. Types of Social Networking Sites There are many types of social networking sites base on certain individual’s characteristics and needs. Mainly people look for websites that they can call home and where most of their friends are located. There are social networking sites that feed off niche markets like, for careers seekers,, and much more. Primarily these sites have the basics forum, topic discussion, and individual’s profiles as their features. There are also some social networking site that based on individuals race and culture. is a unique site because it only targets Russians to come join the site. Like many of the sites mentioned and others, all of them work on a foundation of building communities each one taking and focusing on different features. One of unique ways attracts its users is that it will try to bring in a politician or celebrity of Russian decent to chat with the viewer on various topics. In users are asked to display their car pictures while viewers rate them on a scale. But these sites are the lesser known sites in social networking industry, predominantly because they fixate themselves on niche and fads markets. The popular sites are very general and open and not only do they attract users but marketers as well. created by Thomas Anderson and Christoper Dewolfe is the 6 th most popular website in any language and 3 rd most popular website in United States ("Related Info", 2007). Myspace is a distinctive online community because it provides users with blogs, friends space, profile customization, music/image uploads, and up-to-date news. Blogs users can talk amongst each other on such topics like politics, sports, or celebrity gossip. Friend space is a
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SocialNetworkingSitesandTheirAdvertisingPotential - What is...

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