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HW3_p.6 solution - – internet private...

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1. Define Scalar Object Ans: Scalar object defines a single object instance while tabular object defines multiple related object instances that are grouped in MIB tables. 2. Define Columnar object Ans: The SNMP supports operations on MIB objects whose syntax is ObjectSyntax as defined in the SMI. Informally stated, SNMP operations apply exclusively to scalar objects. However, it is convenient for developers of management applications to impose imaginary, tabular structures on the ordered collection of objects that constitute the MIB. Each such conceptual table contains zero or more rows, and each row may contain one or more scalar objects, termed columnar objects. 3. What is the full OID, both numeric and in text for sys Descr.? Ans: Numeric: Test: iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) mgmt(2) mib-2(1) system(1) sysDescr(1) 0 4. What enterprise numbers have been assigned for
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Unformatted text preview: – internet private enterprise Ans: General Dynamics C4: 576 Cisco: 9 Northern Telecom (NORTEL): 562 IBM: 2 Hewlet Packard: 11 AT&T: 74 5. What is the highest enterprise number that has been assigned? Ans: Securaplane Technologies: 28898 (This is the latest information I can find. It may change as time passes) 6. What is the minimum time for a ARP response on a 1 Gbps Ethernet? ARP Ethernet frame = 512+64 = 576 bits Transmission delay: tx T = 9 10 * 1 576 = 576 ns Assume the distance between sender or receiver to the switch is 100 meters Propagation delay: 8 10 * 2 100 = p T = 500 ns Processing delay: 100 = s T ns (for typical switch) The minimum end-to-end delay = tx T + 2 p T + s T =1676 ns = 1.676 s μ The minimum time for an ARP response since sending out the request = 2*1.676 = 3.352 s μ...
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HW3_p.6 solution - – internet private...

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