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Blue Ocean Strategy Notes

Blue Ocean Strategy Notes - has defined within an existing...

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1 BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant! Harvard Business Review 2005 The authors studied more than 150 blue ocean creations in over 30 industries. What happens in a RED ocean? Red oceans represent all industries in existence today. Companies compete by grabbing a greater share. Competition is fierce. As market space gets crowded, prospects for growth and profit declines. Products turn into commodities and increasing competition turns the water BLOODY!!!!!! What is a BLUE ocean? • It is a market space where a new value proposition
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Unformatted text preview: has defined within an existing red ocean. • Demand is created rather than fought over by adopting “ value innovation” which requires curiosity and swimming in unchartered waters focusing on the big picture. • The real differentiation is the focus on creation . It has to be part of a company’s cultural belief system • It has to be part of a company s cultural belief system. • It is not about ‘progress’ but rather it is a leap . • The creation of blue oceans builds brands. • Examples: – Cirque du Soleil !!!!! – Home Depot – McDonald’s...
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