Canadian Entrepreneurs Kick Ass

Canadian Entrepreneurs Kick Ass - Uanadranentrepreneurs...

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Uanadran entrepreneurs Krck ass , Page I ot'2 Canadian entrepreneurs kick ass Why we should start thinking of Canada as one of the wdrld's entrepreneurial hotbeds By Jim McElgunn PRO FIT9 u id e. com, August 25, 2005 If you were to ask business executives to name the great centres of entrepreneurship, few of them-even the Canadians-would mention Canada. Yet the reality, contends venture capitalist and technology entrepreneur Leonard Brody, is that this country punches far above its weight In breeding groundbreaking companies, especially in the tech and Web sectors. Brody, who was a senior executive at Onvia Canada, Canada's fastest-growing startup h PROFIT - mag.azinen-s 2000 listing, is now a Vancouver-based venture partner at GrowthWorks Capital, one ' of CanadSli laigest natiohal technology funds. Hd co-wrote the riibntly published tverythin'g t Needed to Know About Business. ..I Learned From a Canadian, whlch profiles lG Canadian entrepreneurs. In an interview with PROFIT senior editor Jim McElgunn, Brody makes the case for considering Canada one of the world's centres of entrepreneurial excellence, PROFIT: tust how good are Canadians as entrepreneurs? If you look at the Canadians who've gone out and founded world-class technology companies, very few countries in the world are having as much of an impact on the technology business on a per-capita basis as Canada.
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Canadian Entrepreneurs Kick Ass - Uanadranentrepreneurs...

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