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ENT526 Exam Preparation Handout WINTER 2008

ENT526 Exam Preparation Handout WINTER 2008 - ENT526 EXAM...

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ENT526 EXAM PREPARATION WINTER 2008 The three hour exam is worth 40% of your final grade in this course. It is scheduled for Friday, April 18 th from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Part A will be similar in nature to the comprehensive midterm format (i.e. lexicon, key concepts, major case facts, lessons and takeaways). This part will be based only on the material since the midterm and of course anything new introduced into the course including guest speaker lessons and/or videos and/or any additional readings or articles or lecture material. (20 marks) . Part B will consist of one major essay question (20 marks) chosen from a subset of those given below i.e. ONE of the essay questions below will be dropped and students will choose from the remaining two essay topics. The objective of the essay is to show a mastery of the course material from the entire semester. Both the variety and the quality of references and examples used will be considered in grading. Prepare your essays at home on your own , memorize them and be prepared to write one of them at the exam.
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