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ENT526 Fall 2008 Course Outline Wise

ENT526 Fall 2008 Course Outline Wise - ENT 526 Introduction...

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ENT 526 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Behaviour Fall 2008 Professor: Sean Wise, BA, LLB, MBA Office Location: RBB 1 - 115 Telephone: 416-979-5000 ext 2254 Fax: 416-979-5266 (shared) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday: 9-10am and/or 1-2pm PREREQUISITE(S) : None
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: Students who wish not to have their grades posted must inform the instructor in writing before September 31, 2008. Only Ryerson University student email addresses will be accepted as electronic correspondence. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This foundation course is designed to stimulate the student's interest in entrepreneurship, thereby cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit. By means of case studies, articles, videos and presentations, students will have the opportunity to learn about many prominent entrepreneurs who have demonstrated commitment, passion, risk-taking, strategic thinking and implementation, and the ability to develop core competencies as they create and grow their successful enterprises. Various topics in entrepreneurship will be introduced as a result. COURSE OVERVIEW: How do entrepreneurs behave? Can we learn anything from their behaviour with respect to leadership, management, strategic thinking, ethics, opportunity identification, and dealing with failure and adversity? Do they have anything in common? This course, primarily by means of a wide selection of case studies and biographical videos, will try to find out what appears to make an entrepreneur successful. Students should expect to read two cases per week, make notes on each case prior to class according to a template for analysis that will be provided and used where applicable. COURSE OBJECTIVES : 1. To develop an appreciation of the merits of entrepreneurship. 2. To understand the entrepreneur’s challenges and competitive realities. 3. To develop an awareness of Canadian entrepreneurship. TEACHING METHODS : In compliance with the objectives, various teaching techniques will be used. These may include lectures, case studies, biographies, research papers, guest speakers, classroom discussions, documentary videos, and handouts. In order to derive the maximum benefit from weekly lectures students are expected to attend class having read the required material prior to class as per the detailed course content listed below. If absent, students are still accountable for all material, changes and announcements covered in class . It is advisable to make a friend or two in class to find out what was missed in case of absence. Office hours will not be used in order to repeat course material. Every effort will be made to manage the course as stated. However, adjustments may be necessary at the discretion of the professor. If so, such alterations will be announced prior to implementation. For more detail, see course content section below. Most handouts will be made available on Blackboard after class. Some selected lecture notes will also be made available on Blackboard but students are still strongly encouraged to take notes, especially from the white board during class lectures. 2
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ENT526 Fall 2008 Course Outline Wise - ENT 526 Introduction...

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