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ENT526 Guideline for Notes

ENT526 Guideline for Notes - ENT526:GUIDELINE TEMPLATE FOR...

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ENT526: GUIDELINE & TEMPLATE FOR MAKING NOTES FOR CASE STUDIES. BIOGRAPHICAL VIDEOS OR ARTICLES Wl-rere appropriate. try to answ.er these questions. l. How does background/character manitbst itself in the success. development or practice of the entrepreneur? What was the inspiration? Was the basis a deficit or self-actualization? 2. Explain the genesis of the opporlunities recognized by the entrepreneur. Erplain the new equilibriurn. 3. Describe the industry. (See Guideline #3 available on Blackboard.) o Macro-environment : technology: societal values & lifesti,les: population demographics: legislation & regulations; general economic conditions o Ecttnomic Features: market size. growth rate" number & needs of buyers. number & scope of rir,'als. level of innovation. dil'f-crentiation. capacity. pace ol-technological change. econonlies of scale. innovation" learning curve" verlical intcgration o ('ontpetitive environment: rivals. substitutes.
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