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Gordian Knot Legend Notes

Gordian Knot Legend Notes - short-cut our quest for success...

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1/21/2008 1 Gordian Knot Legend From the foreword in Building the Best by Grnak, Hughes & Hunter What is the Gordian Knot? Ox cart tethered to a column of the temple to Zeus represented military strength Tied by Gordias, the Phrygian King in gratitude for his own reign Oracles prophesied that whoever could untie it would be ruler of Asia Alexander the Great’s Solution Simply drew his sword and cut it! Showed initiative and an unorthodox approach Zeus admired the solution and honoured the prophecy which put “the Great” in Alexander! The Gordian Knot is usually a metaphor for an intractable problem solved by a bold stroke. But not by our authors .... Gordian Knot Business Lessons from our authors There is NO magic bullet, no cure-all, no panacea, and no Alexandrian sword to
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Unformatted text preview: short-cut our quest for success! • Most of the time we have to painstakingly unravel complications. • Business stories give us insight but not necessarily a Gordian solution! AUTHORS’ MESSAGE • See each vignette not as a source of prescriptive advice but as an opportunity for the experience of others to contribute to your own efforts to work free any one of to your own efforts to work free any one of the threads that bind your personal Gordian Knot! AUTHORS’ MESSAGE cont. Unwavering dedication, commitment, and situation-specific insights i.e. the laborious and painstaking untying of the knot would have been a untying of the knot, would have been a more appropriate metaphor for Alexander’s conquest of Asia!...
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