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..1 By DIANE COLE College dropout Stcvc Jobs (ccntcr) cofounded Apple,lett in 1985, and sbrtad Ncxt, "computcrs for thc 199Os," thet samc yc.G 0n Dec ll. 19E0.'the'Apple Computer Company rvent public and so did the glarn- orous figure of The Entrepreneur. The rusting American economic combine of the late 1970s seemedsuddentv reviulized by denimdad Sterc Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They not only became ridt and famous overnight, they unnittin$y gave business ircelf the son of dnmadc allure it had nor enjoyed since the dals of the robber bar- ons. Suddenly, pucould make millions and still be hip. The Apple wizards rvere followed in the publicity parade by orher corsairs of capi- ulisnu Mitch Kapor of Lotus, Bill Gates o[ iVlicrosofr" Roben.{. Srvanson of {jgr.r- tech. Liz Claiixrrne. Fred Smith of Fecieral Exorcss and man.v orherS whose pictures anci giowing tinancial sutemenc reg'.rlariy began to turn the financial publiu- tions. Enrepreneun became heroes. ,{lthough the giow cf rhose earll iavs has faded somelhal esoeoailv in Siiicon Valley, the dreams hare noL .fui estimared 385t of the men and nearly half of the wom- en in rcdays uorkforce w?nt to sutrt their osr companies, and roughly 200 colleges and unirrersities now rcadr coumes in en- trepreneurship. At a time when the For- rune 500 firms are aggressirnly downsizing to becomi more "entrcpreneurial,' newh' formed companies harc become the princi- palcreators or jobs in the.{merican econo- m:r. Ani the uend is growing. ln 1965 rhere were 304,0,00 business sun-ups in the courtr$ bv 1988 that annrnl figure had gro\rn to nearly 700.U)0. But how rcalistic is the entrepreneurial dream-r Does the potential to ceate a suc- cessrul business lie rrithin eadr of us, or does it take some special combination of tnisl Researdrinto $ese questions is be- ginningto yield answen. bulas yet there is
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'are entrepreneurs rnrd their htlrcrt, rnale urmpreoeurs will thcn work incessantly, but 6rly fu them- sdrres. They qurnot tolerate authuiry- in other words, fathcr figures. Levilsst's view coinddes nicely wirh thc oheryad)n of the late Alben Shapero, professor of . .managemenr at rhe ohb State unircrsity Graduate Sdrool of Brsiness, tbd the pri- rnary indicator of the entreprcneurial drine 's the striving for autspnlf, indcpendcnce ard sdf-reliance - wha pqrcnobgists call 'internal bcns of cqrtrol' What Drives lrVomen? The Oedipal complex is, of course, difier- ent for \yomen- but their urtreprenanrial drirc can also result in nouble business successes. Consider Sandra Kuruig, tonnder and for 13 yean CEO of ASK Computer Systems, who recently rctired fronr ASK to work with a prominent high- technology \cnure capiulisr She and her husband had decided to hara children, she a breed apart?
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The Entrepreneurial Self Article - .1 Collegedropout Stcvc...

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