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The How and The Y

The How and The Y - ffi'ttt r'i oi'n you've employees heard...

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F o I a o o I "''. ffi'ttt* r 'i' oi'n Despite everything you've heard, twentysomething employees can be managed-and might even be good for your company. Here's how PROFIT HOT 50 CEOs are leveraging the unique tatents of young workers ean Neville has seen hrst-hartcl thc chal- lenges of managing today's twcntvs()rne- thing employees. One young worker, rnil'l'etl ovcr his performance review, gave two hours'noticc bcforc walk- ing out of Simply Audiobooks lnc., Ncvillc's ()akville, Ont.-based e-tailer (No. .'16 on thc I)ROIrl'l II()'l 50). Yet another quit when he was passed over for a scnior rttart- agement position-after just l8 rnonths on tltc job. ('l he position went to a l0-year vctcran.) "Sonre are llot u:iecl to hearing negative criticism," says Neville, "arttl clott't understand the concept of'earn vour :tripcs'." Welcome to thc world of Generatiort Y. I ltt l(r- ttr 25-year-old kids of baby boomers are entcring tltc work- place with different ideas, values and cxpcctations thatt their older counterparts. 'l'hey arc brash, conhtlcnt anci demanding, have no fear of authority ancl if tltev clort't get what they want from your company, the y'll cluickly move on. But with the baby boomers schecluled to rctirc in waves over the next 10 years and not cnouglr cxpe- rienced talent to fill the resulting void, companies urc realizing they will need to accommodate this new crrll of workers.
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  • Trigraph, Generation Y, canbe managed-and HOT, employees.One young worker, ttr 25-year-old kids, new crrll realizingthey

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The How and The Y - ffi'ttt r'i oi'n you've employees heard...

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