Syllabus - Dr Jerry M Mendel Spring 2010 EE364 Introduction...

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Dr. Jerry M. Mendel Spring 2010 1 EE364 : Introduction to Probability and Statistics For Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Introduction to concepts of randomness and uncertainty: probability, random variables, and statistics. Applications may be from digital communications, signal processing, automatic control, computer engineering, computer science. Prerequisite: MATH 225 or MATH 245 or EE 241 (this is being relaxed). Syllabus Introduction Use of words that convey uncertainty in our daily language Some examples of interesting situations that we are bound to encounter in which probability plays a central role Probability versus statistics Role of probability and statistics in engineering Are probability and statistics confined to engineering? What mathematics is used in probability and statistics? Examples of courses in EE that make heavy use of probability Are their kinds of uncertainty that can’t be modeled using probability? What this course is about Where does this course stand in relation to the broad fields of probability and statistics? Web-resources Textbook for the course Homework policies Probability Experiment Sample space Events o HANDOUT: Experiment, Sample Space and Events Role of set theory
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Syllabus - Dr Jerry M Mendel Spring 2010 EE364 Introduction...

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