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Unformatted text preview: EE 200 Fall 2009 (Weber) Homework 6 At the upper right corner on page 1 of all homeworks, show: Last name, First name Date EE 200, Homework # Show intermediate steps whenever possible. 1. A continuous-time LTI system has the impulse response h ( t ) = ( t )- . 1 e- . 1 t u ( t ) a. What is the frequency response H ( j ) of the system? b. Plot the magnitude squared of the frequency response: | H ( j ) | 2 = H ( j ) H * ( j ) c. At what frequency does the magnitude squared of the frequency response reach its maximum value? At what frequency does it reach 3db below the maximum value? d. For an input of x ( t ) = 10 + 20 cos (0 . 1 t ) + ( t- . 2) what is the output? Hint: Use superposition to find y ( t ) by finding the response of each part of x ( t ) the easiest way (impulse response or frequency response). 2. Problem P-10.9 from the textbook. The x ( t ) input to the LTI system is the one with the frequency domain representation in Fig. P-10.9. For each of the five parts of the problem figure out which of thedomain representation in Fig....
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