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terms - forces Government nationalizes railroads can decide...

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-Direct action: Montgomery bus boycott- not just making a speech or having a protest, actually doing something, also called civil disobedience -Great war: called the Great War because they didn’t know there was going to be a WWII, so didn’t call it WWI. In Europe, big historical dividing line because ended 19 th century civilization. Europe was getting more advanced, civilized as it became more modern. Unexpectedly, E got into war. Expected to be small, over with quickly. Instead got bogged down in trench warfare. Industrial progress did this. Airplane saw first use, submarine. Poison gas. Little chance for heroism. Was a European war- don’t have kings and queens in old, corrupt system. -In WWI (which featured Germany) in the US. Real reason for it was elusive. -TR, others thought modern society was too soft -Government had to use means to increase compliance- mobilization. Building up the military
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Unformatted text preview: forces. Government nationalizes railroads, can decide what gets moved, move military materials. Eve of WWI, federal budget was 1b. In last year of war, federal budget was 18b- pay for that through taxation, borrowing money (running deficits), paying back money with interest. Also want people to get motivated politically. Used 4 minute men, government propaganda forces. -Conscription (draft) getting people involuntarily to join military-Reification of the state. Coined talking about Bourne’s essay. Taking abstract concept of state and giving it tangibility-June 16- Debbs goes to Canton, OH gives speech -March 1919 supreme court upheld conviction in unanimous decision, written by Oliver Holmes-Palmer Raids-Roaring 20’s- prohibition...
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