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Write a critique of one of the chapters in the book, 3-6. Commentary of some writing explaining whether it is a good or poor study and why. Hypothesis allows for two different interpretations, based on own understanding and methodology, where she stands. Reader has better idea of what was behind speakers analysis. Foundation of a theory, semantics. What is cultural analysis, and why is it meaning centered? Designed to map out the core values of a culture. Grounded in beliefs that language is symbolic guide to a culture and vocabulary is a very sensitive index of what is culturally important. Does the author suggest that different words stand for different ways of thinking. Uses translation indeterminacy to explain that key words are unique. Key words have to do with a unique set of connotations. Synonyms in other languages never overlap, no two of them mean exactly alike, behind each of them is a unique way of life. What is a key word? Taxonomy and cultural analysis alike?
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