notes2 - +5 and 6 of Confessions +Bible with quote pages...

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+5 and 6 of Confessions +Bible with quote pages +Perry book -“I think I figured out why there is this sign on the window…because it can close automatically and crush your fingers. (opens the window) now watch, a big bird will come out and take me.” -two legs on which Western civ can stand on: Greek and Hebrew/Jewish -main themes is the relationship between Christian/Jewish culture and Greek culture. Are these things antithetical? -lots of absorption of Platonic ideas in Christian thought to the point where they are almost inseparable -distinction between two sensibilities about how to look at politics. 1) individuals in relationship to state 2)You can think of societies in terms of families, authority of parents is taken for granted in a normal, healthy family. Everybody does what they can. Greek literature falls in the first category. They aren’t exclusive though. Pulls against what Plato says about justice. Hebrew tradition is almost radically the other way. Development of idea that society is and ought to be a family; Jewish society is a family based society, on huge web of obligation -Written around the time of Homer, though stories are much older, Greeks -First 11 books of Genesis -“the earth was without form and void” 1 -long standing issue about how literally to take these things. Are we being told something definite -some facts in science that look like coincidence but turn out not to be, sun and the moon are exactly the same size -when he makes man, he makes man, man and female -man made in god’s image means that we have the capacity to be good like god -definition of humanity within Xtian tradition is free will, what it entails, how it relates to the power of god huge problems -it is an imperfection of god if we can make choices, if god is all powerful and knowing, he knows every choice we will make -other more appealing thing is that we are like god in a sense that we can do math, willfully do evil -so two things to think about: our freedom and our rationality -tree of life gives you immortality, but tree of knowledge give you notion of good and evil -“and the man and the wife were both naked, and were not ashamed…hippies” -seems to have to do with moral knowledge of good and evil. Seems to do with sex also, it’s the woman who converses with the snake or serpent -“hippies…I knew some” long pause “no, I’m not going to tell that story” -she eats the apple, so now we’re all cursed “to the woman, he said, I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing. In pain you shall bring fourth children, yet your desire shall be for your husbands, and he shall rule over you” -this story accounts for why we aren’t still completely happy—we did something wrong and are being punished. I will give you so much sexual desire that you’ll be willing to take that risk. -if you stick a fork in a guinea pig, it’ll howl. I owe it to myself to do these experiments”
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notes2 - +5 and 6 of Confessions +Bible with quote pages...

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