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Roman empire is the med empire, controlled coast of med at its height Times when barbarians were allowed in, times when they were not Gets split in half: western europe was always the poor part, only around time of R Byzantium By the time of economic height of roman empire, farms get bigger and more prosperous, people don’t want to go into army, get mercenaries, sometimes they turn on the bosses Ostragoths, visigoths Romans aren’t ideal, they are very wealthy plantation owners, have barbarian slaves Only half of the roman empire fell, by dark ages there are three things that used to be the roman empire: eastern roman empire, byzantine, didn’t think of themselves as that, New religious movement that worships the same god, that arises in the roman empire, followers of merchant and a warrior, also a politician Maintains itself within political mess, pope is still boss of europe for a lot of people. 800AD deal struck between pope and francish king Schism between two churches because very little political contact, little commerce because so many barbarians in between. Fight between pope and religious authorities in the east 1100: deal reached that they can reunite church under pope if pope would kick Muslims out Courtly love Long string of stories about last holdout of barbarism, court of very best knights, mounted soldiers “So I’ve decided to give everyone. .. an ICE CREAM PARTY” “or you could just sit around and draw a little monkey” By 1300, moving from high middle ages to late middle ages, before really terrible stuff like plagues and famines, particularly in northern Italy people were deeply Christian, recapitulation of the old Greek world had developed, organized itself independently into city- states Many times you got medieval town surrounded by iron, have all kinds of wars between them and gradually you saw big cities emerging Philosophy has reemerged in last couple of centuries as semi independent discipline involving a kind of christianization of ancient ideas High point is from Thomas Aquinas, used Aristotle in his works. Some people call this medieval synthesis, not just concerned with what can be found in nature, many of this shows up in Dante’s work Florence is the top cultural city in Europe as of 1300, a lot of money there because of the textile trade, have both culturally and politically separated themselves from “and that’s one of the five reasons I’ve never run for pope” One gets a strong sense of the corruption of the Catholic church in Europe, in Dante’s day the pope is a king Guelfs, Gibbalees were two political parties in all of these cities, Guelfs won. Once they won, split into two sections (moderate and extreme) “I don’t write poems but sometimes I go home and write little stories about people I don’t like. ..I keep these under my bed”
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Germanic tribes start getting civilized after they win
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notes4 - Roman empire is the med empire, controlled coast...

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