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-Universe begins 14 billion years ago, 5 billion years ago earth shows up, life is about half that old (2.7 billion years ago) 500 million years ago multi celled animals, mammals are about 100m, primates 50m, humans have been around for 5 million years, homo erectus 1m probably starting in Africa beginning in Europe and asia, unclear how many species what is the most direct link -Homo sapiens come in two forms: HS neanderthaliansis, homo sapiens sapiens modern humans 40k years ago. People used to think populations of human beings where really different creatures, justification for slavery -30, 40 k years ago have ages of modern humans. Paleolithic (old stone) age because people used stone tools. Lived as hunter gatherers, not too different biologically from apes. Went around in groups of a few dozen to less than 100, went where next best round of food is, no settled life -new stone age: Neolithic age, began 8k bce. People settled down because they learned how to farm, presumably from casual experimentation. This is when people began having villages. This increased carrying capacity of chunk of land, hunter gatherers take up space, so continent cant hold too many. People able to develop leisure, separation of roles. Were leaders in h-g, but in settled community -civilization has specific meaning, 5k years ago civilization emerges from Neolithic age. Civitas: city. Bronze age: first age of civilization, people begin with Mesopotamia then go to Egypt then go to Crete -first civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt around the same time, greek 500 yrs later in Crete. They had irrigation systems, disciplined labor, could have armies instead of raid, infrastructure, slaves, massive architecture, stepped temples. Here we have the dawn of writing, cuneiform which was carving in clay, kept track of trade this way and eventually evolved into a rich language to allow law and literature -A originally picture of ox, S snake. Phonetic from Phoenicians -Three stages of greek civ: Minoan, Mycenaean and (Dark Age) Hellenic, Hellenistic -=-Minoans took over by Mycenaean who were very war like, much fighting, took over Greece, had some kind of cataclysm, probably fought themselves to death -torjan war: for a long time people thought it was just a legend, but it actually happened. Troy 7a on long list of diggings probably real troy, walls 16 feet thick -main cast of characters: Priam is the king, Hecuba is the first wife, eldest son in Hector. Prium has 100 sons. Hector’s little brother is Paris, Hector and Paris’s cousin is Aeneas. Various of Gods on Trojan side, shared religion and language but separate politically, some gods thought to favor Trojans and some Greeks, Apollo a fan of Troy, Zeus king but doesn’t do what he feels like always trying to keep wife, Hera happy who hates Trojans. Paris was not divine but top mortal beloved of god top goddeses held beauty contest had paris be judge and Athena was there and all try to bribe. Aphrodite became godess for Trojans, upsets Hera. Aphrodite promised him
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notesjan22 - -Universe begins 14 billion years ago 5...

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