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-Metaphilosophy: query into the nature of philosophy itself. Every discipline has own methodology. One word response to what philosophy is: concepts -concept: list of properties attributed to a kind of thing -Metaphysics: theory on the nature of reality. Mind has essential property of thinking, not extended to occupy space. Abstract kinds of things, have essential activity of thinking. A body is something that is extended, occupies space, bodies do not think, so mind is unequal to brain. Direct realism: when you see something, it is as it is -Materialism: only material things exist, if M you need to rule out anything not physical such as mind and god, concepts -idealism: 1) everything that exists is mental: mind, chair, pen, tree 2) reality is mind dependent, accd to Berkeley if there is no perceiver than there is no thing, but thing exists because god is always perceiving -Pantheism: get rid of everything but god -Cultural relativism: observation that different cultures have different views on a wide range of things, empirical study. Philosophy interested in knowing what follows from cultural relativism. -General relativism: whatever anyone believes to be true is in fact true. In ancient times, Sophists held the thesis of general R, Protagoras was leader. Allows contradictions. If culture A believes something is good, B can believe it is bad. Denies the existence of facts. Platos’s Theatetus argues: falls apart on its own grounds, because you can say it is false and true
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notesphil - -Metaphilosophy query into the nature of...

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