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1 20172488 Political Science 1 Section 104 Paper 1 2/26/10 The Successful Dodge of Repression During construction of the modern United States government system, there were many different ideas proposed in attempt to create an ideal republic. One of the plans that the framers majorly considered during construction of the national government was the Virginia Plan in1787. In this plan, James Madison proposed the idea of a two-chamber legislature where representation would be selected by the states and voting power would depend on the population of each individual state. Some argue that this would be a more proficient system of government but in many ways there would be unequal control within positions of power. The government system that persists today has many advantages that create a more desirable political organization than the Virginia plan and this system better represents the needs of a larger population of people. The United States would have been a very different country if the Virginia Plan had been ratified and I argue that less people would prefer the resulting government to what we have in place today. Aspects of our modern United States republic that many take for granted such as equal representation, minority rights, and separation of powers would have been greatly compromised if the Virginia Plan had been ratified. The dismissal of the Virginia Plan and continuous evolution of the Constitution resulted in the revolutionary political system that sets the United States apart from all other countries. The Republic idealism by definition is a system, which has a leader, yet the people within the system have power in decision-making. In a model republic, the people would have equal power in order to create fairness in all situations and the head of state would be a representative of the people, for the people. Due to separation of powers and equality of voting rights and
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2 opportunities within current government, the modern political system allows the possibilities to create a model republic. The Virginia Plan’s creation of population-based representation would have created an unfair balance of control within legislature and would have strayed far from the idyllic communal balance of representation which would have directly led to unfair leadership. It is this unjust election of power that has plagued many political institutions throughout history. By having exclusive rights in election of power, people are neglected a voice in decisions and the
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Political Science paper 1 - 1 20172488 Political Science 1...

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