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bio final - Horomone that helps plants grow o Auxins...

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Horomone that helps plants grow: o Auxins – through stem elongation o Cytokinins – through cell division and germination o Gibberellins – through seed, bud, and fruit development and stem elongationt o Brassinosteriods – (lipid based) – through normal growth and development, xylem differentiation, and pollen tube elongation Sugar phosphates bonding (covalent or hydrogen) o Covalent Hypothalamus o 2 different kinds of hormones Neurosecratory cells o Neurons that secrete hormones o They form an important link between endocrine and nervous systems Curare o A drug that can block or impact chemical synapses How sound waves can be heard o Hairs are stimulated by action potentials o Interpret action potentials when liquid goes over hair o It goes into your brain and you interpret it as sound Eye diagram o Pg. 1101 2 glucoses bind together o ????? Glycolysis o The process of breaking glucose into molecules of pyruvic acid
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PNS/CNS o CNS Consists of brain and spinal cord Primary function is to process information o PNS Consists of cranial nerves, ganglia outside of CNS, spinal nerves, and the rest of the nervous system
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