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January 12-Buddhism and Daoism

January 12-Buddhism and Daoism - Buddhism and Daoism in...

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January 12, 2007 Buddhism and Daoism in China: The Basics Two books that can help us understand better Kenneth Chen, Buddhism in China, 1964 Livia Kohn, Daoism and Chinese Culture, 2001 I. Religion defined by Chinese Social Sciences A. Has to have a. doctrine, teaching b. Text, written works c. Clergy, specialist and leaders of the church d. Believers, people who believe in it e. Buildings, dedicated place f. Some kind of ritual that you do individually or as a group B. We turn to religion explain the why’s-functional reason C. Geertz wrote an article “Religion as a System” People get their values, decided what is right and wrong, beliefs, what makes them comfortable. Religion becomes a part of culture. D. May 4, 1919-Religion was very weak in China and the lack of it left them behind compared to the modern world. II. Buddhism is called The Middle way A. Something possible for all humans to do. There is a middle way between Sinicism and luxury and there is a middle way.
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