January 31-Examination

January 31-Examination - I. II. III. IV. The gentri were...

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I. The gentri were not the only ones who read II. People became commercialized. High demand for entertainers, prostitutes and trained their daughters as secondary wife. a. Lowering ranking household treasure daughters more as she grows they teach an art so that she can be an entertainers i. When a daughter were sold they could get a lifetime of money or the amount of rice they sold over two decades. ii. Not all education was for examination system iii. Family members became to perceived as they cash value. Money orientated calculus in family relations. This is coming at the same time that the fact that all these people are studying for the examination which deals with Confucius and that people should deal respect your family and disregard of money. Opposite things happening at the same time III. The examination was deeply embedded in the economy a. Examination are intended to teach your morale values about human beings without calculating money. b. As the economy commercialized and the exam grows that people are getting more money minded. c. Examination system is about the meritiocracy. It should be able to get the smartest guys regardless of social class. IV.
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January 31-Examination - I. II. III. IV. The gentri were...

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