February 7-Magistrate

February 7-Magistrate - February 7 2007 I How the...

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February 7, 2007 I. How the Magistrate controlled? a. Term limits i. 3-9 years is a normal term in a single place i. The people can petition for keeping their magistrate ii. Not usually there long enough to be a threat b. Supervised and reported on c. Evaluation of administration of justice i. On going in regard to criminal cases ii. Every involved a harsh judicial punishment has to go to the central government for approval ii. Censorate sent out officials checking on magistrate iii. Other magistrates could complain iv. Magistrate could be impeached if people thought if he was incompetent or felt that the magistrate was not performing accurately v. Petition i. Could petition to keep or get rid of a magistrate ii. However, only the gentri could read and write so the poorer people would not be able to write a petition. vi. Bureaucratic report i. Magistrate would use the information from the Yamen to write a report about himself. The prefect would then write a report about the magistrate up to the ministry of personnel. The ministry of personnel would do a grand accounting on the magistrate every 9 years. ii. Results of the reports a. Nothing b. Demotion if the magistrate was judged to be dilatory, weak, badly behaved, blame worthy Promotion i. Transferred to be better post ii. Censorate iii. 6 boards c. Fines d. Permanently disbarred-too cruel or too corrupt to hold office again.
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February 7-Magistrate - February 7 2007 I How the...

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