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February 9, 2007 I. Document A a. Arguing that you shouldn’t praise the magistrate because i. People are not sincere ii. Just want something and if the magistrate gives in corruption iii. If they gather for praising they why can’t they get together for riots 1. If you accept their praise, but have to accept their criticism 2. Can gather with weapons iv. Don’t judge us, popular opinion doesn’t matter; we have superiors v. Referring to the reports; II. Document D a. Don’t praise the magistrate because i. Not immortalize them ii. Would rather have the people be good b. D is related to A because i. Comes from the other side because this magistrate is protecting himself because his superiors may see him as wanting to gathering support, popular approval. He protects himself by telling the people not to keep him III. Document B a. Corruption is difficult to define because you don’t know what is innocent; rewarding in this way would convince that corruption was being discourages
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Unformatted text preview: b. Society and government would work through exchanging gifts, weren’t bribes, but if he didn’t give them his superiors would be mad and may be reflected in the reports they wrote. If is so expected that when someone gave more than the usual it was seen as bribery i. Big favors require more gifts IV. Document C a. Government tried to encourage those who stuck next to moderate standards V. Document E a. The magistrate is trying to get taxes so he tries to build a road and wants people to collect taxes instead of having public punishments, so he is bending the rules so that he can work through the system. b. The gentry have refused to pay their taxes and their neighbors can’t afford to pay ti off. Instead of humiliating them through some punishment he starts to keep their social prestige intack and is going to send them asking for taxes....
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