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February 23 - February 23, 2007 I. Ancestor worship a....

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February 23, 2007 I. Ancestor worship a. Family is a moral building block, school of ethics that contributed to society i. Showing respect, shaping the worshipers into good moral people, forming good moral humans for the famly and society as a whole. b. competitive unit i. Ancestor worships real sprit that can help you or harm you and those ancestors become spirits ii. Vunerable to competition ancestor worship becomes a channel to power spirit who help in lots o aspects. II. Practices of Gender separation-different roles for men and women; different ideas of what they should be a. Gender is historial and social; sex is biological b. Gender segregation-degree of time spending apart i. LIC certain people, men and women in a family spend most of their time apart. ii. Men are in one part of the house whole women in other iii. Female seclusion 1. most simply, seclusion women had to stay home. The house the women’s proper sphere. However, in practice, scholars are trying to figure out what it meant in practice. 2. Depends on gentry or commoner, age, rank, wealth, geographically location and local customs a. Gentry women could travel in boats, sudanchairs, walk in the street if wearing a veil. b. Festivals women went out in the streets with husband or girlfriends. c. Rules are unclear to scholars and also were very fungible in LIC 3. Idea of chastise a. Respectable women would only have sex with only her husband. b.
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February 23 - February 23, 2007 I. Ancestor worship a....

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