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February 28 - February 28, 2007 I. Gender complementary a....

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February 28, 2007 I. Gender complementary a. Proper duties for men and women and both had to be there for a family to be complete, state to be complete and the whole human race to be complete b. Production expressed gender complimentarily II. Members a clam or a lineage or simply of a village might work with one another in agriculture tasks like transplanting the rice seedlings. a. Commonly fought over water rights especially when there were droughts. Lineage and family argued over this b. III. Textile production a. Get silk warms something to eat i. Some families would just raise the eggs and sell them other families would buy and sell mulberry leave until cacoons are raised. ii. Cacoons are taken care of very carefully iii. Would be ties the sheets of eggs to keep a constant and good temperature iv. After the cocoon has been spun you throw them in hot water, and then you read a couple of strings up together.
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