March 2 - I. II. III. March 2, 2007 Theres competition and...

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March 2, 2007 I. There’s competition and positive harm within a lineage, clan or family in order to uphold the greater social norms and benefit norms a. Social norm-what the people in the village, lineage, clan or family think is right b. There is cooperation within some members to uphold the norm rather than uphold II. Similarities with other insutution a. Village has a command structure, aspects that are shared and space for individual talent and personality to take place b. Related to the State i. state helped to shape the village and hierarchy in the village by impowering a headman to deal with the magistrate and other officers such as the wardons in Judge Dee. And there were figures also called village elders who were empowered by the magistrate to control the village. Put a command structure within the village ii. Will recognize some invidiual and families for honors. Recognizes some families are better than others by passing the civil service exam, having a chastise widow, any type of behavior the state wanted to encourage like donating grain for famine relief. 1. Contributes to the social hierarchy of the village. It can be deployed within the village. Resource the family had iii. State demanded taxes were placed on individual households based on the amount of land and the laboring men in the household. 1. Magistrates took a quota and would divided it up within the villages and then the villagers would parcel out who would pay those through in the headmen and wardens. 2. Enabled powerful households to shift the burden off to others iv. in terms in crime, held village responsible for crime prevention 1. Idea was to help state keep an eye on neighbors so that they don’t
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March 2 - I. II. III. March 2, 2007 Theres competition and...

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