March 7 - 1 one of the ways Gods become Gods c Often people...

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March 7, 2007 Popular deities 1. arose from the needs of anxieties of individuals, families, and villages a. Sometimes Gods began as human i. Upright and effective magistrate might be a God in the area he served ii. City Gods imposed by the empire had arose spontaneously during Song from people who had served as officials iii. Created at the popular level, and Ming thought they were good and tries to standardizes them. iv. Filial son might become a God 1. becomes angry and kills 5 people and that anger that gives him spiritual power and gets him enshrined 2. Individual personalities power them and then after they die is it natural to make them into Gods. v. Impressive Dao or Buddhist monk. vi. Anyone with unusual creativity or power 1. they don’t dissipate b. Many of the people who become Gods because they demonstrated their power after death i. Ru Wei makes the people in the area sick and make up a shrine to give him face and bring him offering and he stopped making people sick
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Unformatted text preview: 1. one of the ways Gods become Gods c. Often people who have died young, no descendants and suffering violence i. In order to settle the ghosts shrines were made d. 3 ways to go from human to deity i. Proof of power ii. Make a Shrine iii. Has to Help people e. People can choose between deities i. There were established deities, but they can choose who they wanted to devote their lives to 2. were embedded in the commercial economy a. Operation b. Services provided c. Way cults spread 3. were related to the state a. Services they provided b. Way cults spread Paper Review all the class material as if there is going to be a final on Friday Taking ideas that are argued from one of the secondary sources and testing them against the primary sources May cite lecture with date, but better to cite the source Ask a classmate for help...
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March 7 - 1 one of the ways Gods become Gods c Often people...

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