March 14 - March 14, 2007 Cheng I and his wife both raised...

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March 14, 2007 Cheng I and his wife both raised through marriage. Many women, especially lower class women were not referred to by their name but by their husband’s wife. Many ugly women are smart but the emperor marries her and then she serves as an advisor and is incoroporated into the government staff through marriage. Way the organization work and how she put it together. She is unable to set up a stable succession. She did give a smooth transition with her bargaining techniques. They weren’t literally left hanging, the government could have executed them all. She sets up a mini state: religion, sets up systems of taxation, command hierarchy, law code and enforces it, set up an sovereign state, legimate violence enforces law, good government ideas such as not harming people, carrying out diplomatic countries, territorial control, clearly a dispute between her and her successor which they are going to go. This happens more often, a successful rebels negotiates with the government and then the rebel will stop rebelling if you
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