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Unformatted text preview: What is Sociology Major Themes of the Discipline Sociology 3AC, Spring 09 Brian Powers Definition Systematic study of the Experience of Human Beings in Society and Institutions, as Individuals and in Groups Sociology in Sociology 3AC: A Journey Through Hotel America Its architecture Its dimensions Access Rules Its construction over time Quality of Life on the Floors Distribution of the Population Consequences of Room Assignment Key Assumptions Society is humanly constructed; Humans are inherently interdependent – dependent on others; Change is a constant. Levels of Analysis Macro Micro Global Nation State/Society Structural/Systemic Institution Group Individual Seven Themes in Field Order Power Change Difference Equality Culture History/Time Research Component: Comparative Analytical Sociobiography Comparative Income Distribution: USA, UCB 2003 Interview Self and … An informant, an age­peer, not a 4­year college student. With Different Social Backgrounds Explore social factors associated with FAMILIES How have they affected your/informant’s goals? Why are you at UCB and other person is not? Paper due March 11; Tables 1 and 2 based on interview, due earlier, on February 18 $225,000 $175,000 Household Income $125,000 USA UCB $75,000 $25,000 10 -$25,000 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Proportion of Popoulation Snapshot of Inequality: UCB and USA Comparative Income Distribution: USA, UCB Senior Class of 2005; 2003 data $225,000 200,000 $175,000 150,000 154,000 Household Income $125,000 80,000 $75,000 50,000 34,000 $25,000 20,000 17,984 43,418 54,540 86,867 10 -$25,000 50 Proportion of Popoulation 90 USA UCB Sources: US Census, Table HINC-05: "Percent Distribution of Households, by Selected Characteristics Within Income Quintile and Top 5 Percent in 2003"; University of California at Berkeley, Office of Student Research. 2005 University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey . ...
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