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MIT 2000 tutorial January 29 th Theme: the kind of communications “revolution” we are experiencing today is not without an historical precedent - printing press, railways, postal systems, telegrap, telephone, radio, television - altered peoples perceptions of space and time - occureed against the backdrop of sweeping historical change—indusrialization, urbanization, immigration, secularization (today, globalization) Osborne and pike What social and economic factors affected the development of the postal system? - literacy, infratructure, geographic mobility, business needs, news diffusion what social and econmic factors did the development of the postal system have an effect on? - personal mobility (less daunting), individualism and privacy (face-to-face interaction less necessary), bureauraracy, commerce, circulation of news and ublic opionion winseck tells the story of telegraph - competition, consolidation and convergence of telegraph and news wire companies - transformation of law—common carriage
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