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Gerald friesen The epochs Print-capitalism (Phyllis knight) - transmission over transportation, new forms of work, social construction of youth, nattative based on industrial revoluation (property, wage, commodification), nartative based on social conditions of ordinary citizens (literacy rises, ew political consciousness, new forms of communication), increasing national idenity - national identity rather then regional identity screen capitalism (1930- present) - globalization, information society, culture of consumptio, post modern, post fordist, etc. - communications revolution, abundance et insecurity, changed in worl (increasing alienation accompanies by fragmentation) - new technologies brought new political awareness/ participation, ordinary citizens involved in the producion and consumption of culture
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Unformatted text preview: time space Oral culture-sense of community-moves backwards and forwards-cyclical or seaosonal time-measured by hstoircak events-emphasis on local -trasportation difficult -measured by people, places, and distinct local features Print culture-change happening faster-focus on the present-time measured by units-real time communication-space viewed as flexible-transportation-homogenizing- items can be duplicated and distributed-competition among individuals (less of a sense of community)-measured in units Pg. 35, 85, 139, 186 Through the reconstruction of Canadians perception of time and space and the rise of capitalism, the quanity of new technologies that have developed throughout the past few centeries have impacted the structre of the family unit...
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