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tutfeb12 - Barelman show who stated the show when it was...

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MIT 2000 tutorial February 12, 2009 McLuhan - the medium is the message o the medium is ALSO the message - how does the radio re-tribalize society? o Replace tribal with community will give you a better idea of what hes talking about o How can we talk about radio within the context of orality? - why is radio a “hot” medium? o “any hot medium allows of less participation than a cool one, as a lecture makes for less participation than a seminar, a book for less dialogue” o the television is a cool medium because it allows for more participation Webb (example exam question)
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Unformatted text preview: Barelman show- who stated the show, when it was, what was the purpose, talk about the medium-radio: limiations and possibilities-imagined communities (benedict Anderson) o the idea of creating a community across distances, men would geather and listen to a broadcast-media and democracy o awareness, informing and reflecting public opinion-media and capitalism o based on advertising, wanted to introduct listeners into north American capitalist culture talk about medium, social and historical context...
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