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October 28th 2008

October 28th 2008 - -what does the bear symbolize Soviet...

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October 28 th 2008 Election advertising 1. appealing to hopes and fears a. feel-good ads: appeals to hope and enthusiasm - kinds of things you see depicted are smiling faces, colorful - what are they supposed to do for you? encourage people to get involved, greater inclination to vote in election, more certain about their vote, rely more heavily on prior convictions b. fear ads - threatening – if you don’t vote for him, you will die
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Unformatted text preview: -what does the bear symbolize? Soviet union-redirect the attention of viewers and persuade unbelievers-fear leads voters to places less weight of prior convictions and more weight on present situation-motivate people to contact politics for more information 2. the effects of negative advertising 3. campaign financing...
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