October 14 2008

October 14 2008 - Subliminal messages does sex in...

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October 14 2008 Subliminal messages- does sex in advertising work? A review of scholarly research informed by professional opinion- tom radiant - ??? - How do these symbols influence people? These sublimely messages aren’t filtered by our brains logic, it then taps into our feelings and desires, they impact us and make us buy things based on our feelings - The three most important experiences in messages: 1. Birth 2. Reproduction 3. Death - These three fundamental human experiences still carries regions, superstitious factors that help to tap into this unconscious part of our brain - Sexual reproduction as a subliminal message symbolizes, on the one hand one level it threatens independence, it also relates to the want of intendancy, they are both powerful human feelings - By tapping into these feelings, advertisers are using trickery, rather than letting us use our own human minds - If you look at the advertising that appeals to women, there are a lot of vagina or fertile symbols - Male advertising has a lot of man images (penis)—doesn’t have explanation,
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October 14 2008 - Subliminal messages does sex in...

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