oct.7 - -20-40 percent of purchases would not have occurred...

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Society and advertising October 7, 2008 Movie - Threes a price attached to polluting the planet - They want all of the environment to be owned, want people who have an interest in maintaining them to own them - Comparing a bb gun to a smart gun is like comparing old ads to present advertisements - Much more smart - Its about manipulating children, - Report done on children nagging parents for toys, it was to help corporations to help children nag more effectively
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Unformatted text preview: -20-40 percent of purchases would not have occurred without nagging o Movies, home video, fast food-Marketers are playing with children developmental abilities-73% of parents say that they feel they cannot protect their children from popular culture-Questionable ethics, they just want to move their products-Have to create wants-Create citizens into consumers-The news it what we say it is Look at the 27 problems with advertising...
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