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MIT 2000 tutorial- February 5 Theme: the new medium often tries to do wht was the job of a previous or existing medium, but imporoves on the formers shortcomings and problems Johnston- newspaper, avertising - george brown expanded the globe from a weekly to a tri-weekly in 1849 because: - advitisers needed more space what type of business was ayer and son and why are they noteworthy? Canadian manufacturers began advertising natinaly in the early 1800s –false- How does the histyroy of advertising fit in with the brader history of communications in Canada? Why si it important Robinson- polling consumers - 1900s onward, media owners and advertising agenies purseed scientific
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Unformatted text preview: validations of the merits of advertising-administrative research- government academics and business-economies of scale manufacturing-what were some problems with the idea that surveys couls “democratize comsumption” by giving the buyer a vote? Depression Foucault/ panopticon-coercive vs. disciplinary power o surveillance- increases knowledge, increases our ability to educate others on how to act o knowledge is power-participatory panopticon o ex. airmiles-Dialectial/two- way flow of power(where there is hegemony, there is counter-hegmony)-...
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