jan27 - MIT 2000 Civic and mass newspaper Yellow press mass...

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Unformatted text preview: MIT 2000 January 27, 2009 Civic and mass newspaper Yellow press/ mass/ entertainment newspaper Joespher pilitzer (world) 1883- 1. advertising over subscription 2. sensationalism a. local news, crime, scandal 3. entertainment 4. self-advertising 5. illustrations 6. large headlines 7. use paper- isn’t about information, tips about how to live in modern life 8. commuter friendly- shorter articles, for morning commutes 9. lead/ inverted prymid- mass entertainment newspaper (CDA) from civic to mass news paper (COPY FROM WEB CT) heavily capitalized- mass newspapers are much more capitialzed. You must maintain certain levels of revnevue at all times. This is a switch over from parteringship to capturing as many readers as possible. Space- basied media (INNIS) 1. dialectic a. liberty and monopolpies of knowledge b. printing press- censorship, greater control by state, who has ultimate say, censorship was no longer able to control, 2. balance a. time/ space b. centrigual/ centripetal c. democratic society TRANSPORTATION/ TRANSMISSION Looking at media that moves through space. Talking about things that have to be transported. Early examples: torches to communicate letters of the alphabet and different things like that. Semaphore: example – ships communicating with other ships Watch towers along shores were a very common thing...
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jan27 - MIT 2000 Civic and mass newspaper Yellow press mass...

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