feb10 - MIT 2000 February 10 2009 Early radio: main themes-...

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MIT 2000 February 10 2009 Early radio: main themes- Radio starts off by being a two way communication process (bi-directional) to a Public interest which is commercial interestThe question we need to ask today is how does an accessible two way technology in the form of radio become uni- directional state regulated and less democratic in terms of the important of commercial interst in terms of this new means. 1. wired/ wireless 2. bi-directional: user to user 3. uni- directional a. central transmitter to passive receivers b. “broadcasting” 4. public interest/ commercial interest 5. culture/ community formation radio/ technology He built this transmitter that would establish principle by transferring signals through the air. 1. radio waves a. electi-magnetic energy, radiating in waves b. radio waves travel further than television 2. Heinrich hertz (1888) a. Lab experiment b. Telegraph without wires (hertzin wave) Gugulielmo Marconi (1874- 1937) 1. ship to shore 2. trans Atlantic signal(1901)- at signal hill newfound land a. it was in moriscode b. the early forms of radio were done like the telegraph; in moriscode 3. Marconi wireless telegraph and signal co a. TRANS- ATLANTIC b. First commercial service Reginald fessenden (1866- 1932) First person to conceptualize voice communication. Really not until the mid 1920s where voice transmission because the norm. 1. first voice transmission a. radio telephone (1900)- 2. shore- to ship broadcast 1906- put on a concert that was picked up by ships who were in the area early “radio- telegraph” 1. Morse code 2. shipping/ distress calls 3. titanic (1912)- 4. simultaneity of experience amateur radio 1. exploratory listening- distance
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2. technical expertise a. home made radio sets 3.
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feb10 - MIT 2000 February 10 2009 Early radio: main themes-...

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