Bio 1A Lect 7

8 16 closes over substrateenzyme changes structure

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Unformatted text preview: te complex •  The ac1ve site is the region on the enzyme where the substrate binds •  Induced fit of a substrate brings chemical groups of the acEve site into posiEons that enhance their ability to catalyze the reacEon Enzymes change their shape in order to fit the shape of the substrate Fig. 8-16 Closes over substrate/enzyme changes structure Substrate Active site Enzyme (a) (b) Enzyme-substrate complex hexokinase Catalysis in the Enzyme’s AcEve Site •  In an enzymaEc reacEon, the substrate binds to the acEve site of the enzyme •  The acEve site can lower an EA barrier by –  OrienEng substrates correctly –  Straining substrate bonds –  Providing a favorable microenvironment –  Covalently bonding to the substrate transient bond that is cleaved by the end of the reaction creates strain that raises energy and encourages transition state Enzymes...
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