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Bio 1A Lect 4 Quiz

Bio 1A Lect 4 Quiz - Bio 1A Lect 4 Quiz 200nm 7nm...

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Bio 1A Lect 4 Quiz 200nm 25nm 7nm 8-12nm adjacent cells alpha-tubulin animal ATP beta-tubulin Cell walls centrioles centrosome collagen cortex Desmosomes direct physical contact extracelllular matrix Extracellular components flagella Gap junctions integrins Intercellular junctions less microfilaments microtubules middle lamella motor proteins muscle cells negative network of fibers permanent perpendicular Plasmodesmata positive proteoglycans ring solid tension Tight junctions Tumor cells     1) The ________________________ extends throughout the cytoplasm and organizes the cell's structures and activities while 2)
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Bio 1A Lect 4 Quiz The cytoskeleton interacts with ____________________________ to produce motility by moving the cell's fibers to allow fo 3) Microtubules are the thickest of the three cytoskeletons. They are ______________________ about ________ in diameter  4) In ____________ cells, microtubules grow out of the ____________________ near the nucleus. It is known as the "______ 5)
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