Bio 1A Lect 7 Quiz - 3) ____________________________...

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Bio 1A Lect 7 Quiz addition of phosphate group to adenosine  diphosphate adenine ATP Binding energy catalyst covalently bonding to the endergonic Endergonic reactions enzyme exergonic free energy of activation heat induced fit lowering the Ea nonspontaneously orienting substrates corre phosphate groups phosphorylation croenvironment ribose spontaneously s temperature without being consumed 1) A ________________ is a chemical agent that speeds up a reaction _______________ by ______________________________ barrier. They do not affect the change in free e 2) The substrate binds to the active site of the enzyme and the enzyme lowers the Ea barri
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Unformatted text preview: 3) ____________________________ contributes to catalysis by entropy reduction, substra 4) __________________ reactions release energy into the system and has a negative ___ 5) ______ powers cell work by coupling exergonic reactions to endergonic reactions. A cel 6) ATP, or ___________________________________, is the cell's energy shuttle. It is ma 7) ATP drives reactions by ______________________________, transferring a phosphate...
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Bio 1A Lect 7 Quiz - 3) ____________________________...

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