Bio 1A Lect 9 Quiz - 4) NADH passes the electrons to the

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Bio 1A Lect 9 Quiz 2 2-phosphoglycerate 90% Aerobic respiration Anaerobic respiration ATP citric acid cycle coenzyme dephosphorylated electron transport chain energy payoff eukaryotic Fermentation fructose-1,6-bisphospha fuel glucose-6-phosphate glyeraldehyde-3-phosphate heat isomerase NAD O2 oxidation n oxidizing oxygen phosphoglucoisomerase phosphoglyceromutase plasma membrane prokaryotic Pyruvate kinase Redox reactions reduction substrate-level phospho triose phosphate dehydrogenase without O2 1) Energy flows into ecosystem as ________________ and leaves as ________. Photosyn yields ATP. ___________________________________ is similar to aerobic respiration 
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2) ______________________________, oxidation-reduction reactions, involve the transfe 3) Duringn cellular respiration, the ________ is oxidized and O2 is reduced. Each molecule
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Unformatted text preview: 4) NADH passes the electrons to the ___________________________________. The ele 5) Cell respiration has three stages. ____________________ breaks down glucose into tw 6) Glycolysis occurs in the ______________ and generates __ molecules of pyruvate. It ge 7) Oxidative phosphorylation generates the most ATP because of redox reactions. It accou Bio 1A Lect 9 Quiz 8) Glycolysis has two stages: an __________________________________ phase that req ___________________________________ which isomerizes it into _______________ ___________________________________ which is interchanged by ______________ 9) This starts the energy payoff stage. In the next one, this product is submitted to _______ ATP and creates pyruvate....
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Bio 1A Lect 9 Quiz - 4) NADH passes the electrons to the

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