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Bio 1A Lect 12 Quiz Answers

Bio 1A Lect 12 Quiz Answers - thylakoids connected sacs...

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Bio 1A Lect 12 Quiz Answers Autotrophs Calvin cycle Carotenoids chemical Chlorophyll a chlorophyll b consumers electromagnetic m excited state fluoresce green ground state Heterotrophs Leaves mesophyll NADPH oxygen photoautotrophs photophosphorylation Photosynthesis Pigments producers solar spectrophotometer stroma sugar Visible light water waves 1) Photosynthesis  is the process that converts  solar  energy into  chemical  energy.  Autot 2) Chloroplasts are structurally similar to and likely evolved from  photosynthetic bacteria .
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3) Inside chlorophyll, their are the 
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Unformatted text preview: thylakoids , connected sacs, that are stacked in columns 4) In the light reactions, water is split, oxygen is released, NADPH is reduced, and ATP is 5) Light is a form of electromagnetic energy; light travels in waves . Wavelength is the dis 6) Pigments are substances that absorb visible light. They are specific for certain wavelen 7) When a pigment absorbs light, it goes from ground state to excited state . When the el...
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