Bio 1A Lect 13 Quiz

Bio 1A Lect 13 Quiz - Bio 1A Lect 13 Quiz 5 In cyclic...

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Bio 1A Lect 13 Quiz 680nm 700nm both bundle-sheath cells C4 carbon fixation cyclic cytochrome process glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate H+ linear mesophyll cells NADP+ O2 P680+ P700 Photorespiration photosystem Photosystem II primary electron acceptor reaction-center complex reduction Rubisco stomata sugar synthesis thylakoid two 1) A ______________________ is made of a ___________________________________ and a _______________________ 2) There are two routes of electron flow: ____________ and ____________. In linear electron flow, the pathway uses ______ 3) The electron then falls back down the electron transport chain from the primary electron acceptor to PSI. Energy is release 4) The electron acceptor of PSI passes electron to protein ____________________. The electrons are then transferred to ___
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Unformatted text preview: Bio 1A Lect 13 Quiz 5) In cyclic electron flow, only photosystem I produces ATP, not NADPH. This surplus ATP is used in the Calvin Cycle. The ele 6) ATP and NADH are produced on the side facing the ____________ where the Calvin cycle takes place. The Calvin cycles 7) Dehydration is a problem for plants; on hot dry days, plants have to close ______________ which conserves H2O but also 8) ____ plants minimize the cost of photorespiration by incorporation of CO2 into four-carbon compounds in ______________ 9) Some plants, or ___________________________________ or CAM plants, fix carbon. They open their stomata at night an...
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Bio 1A Lect 13 Quiz - Bio 1A Lect 13 Quiz 5 In cyclic...

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